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Cadillac Lanes Prides ourselves off of our one-of-a-kind experience!  Each and every staff member here loves bowling, and loves making bowling fun!  As any of us for information on, leagues, parties, sand volleyball, or just where the restroom is!  We want to make your Cadillac experience a great experience!


Brad Fangman

General Manager

Brad has been with Cadillac for going on 10 years.  With a passion for bowling and a deep understanding of the sport, Brad is the guy to talk to!  Brad currently runs Brad's Pro Shop inside Cadillac Lanes along with taking care of many of the day to day operations inside and out of the building!  Don't worry it's hard to miss him with the bright colored shirts and shoes!

Kathy Stanford

Food & Beverage Manager

Kathy has been with Cadillac for, well she is too priceless to place a date!  She loves the kitchen and making sure no one leaves Cadillac hungry!  Her and her staff can do it all, from drinks behind the bar to pizza on the lanes!  Don't forget to try her world famous onion rings!

Angi  Erickson - Fangman

Youth Coordinator

Angi has been with Cadillac, well since Cadillac was bought by her father some 25 years ago!  With a deep passion (like her husband) for bowling, she loves the kids!  You will see her here every Saturday morning running and helping the youth program!!  She doesn't stop there, she has a game of her own, bowling, volleyball and a lot more!