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Recently, NBA Rockets center Chuck Hayes appeared in Beijing, led to a lot of media speculation, because the value of the NBA lockout, air jordan outlet online many NBA players signing CBA team, thus triggering a lot of media speculation, "Hayes is also CBA team had the intention of cooperation ", but Hayes gives the answer:" trip to China is Jordan sports shooting ads for the new shoes I designed. "

Speaking of his new shoes, Hayes praise, "I really like this shoe, shoe is designed to meet the equipment requirements for my taste, is to simply supreme, air jordan outlet not too complicated, deep rough mad lines and no frills , large round toe is most needed post players, thanks in Jordan sports shoes designed to enable my advice. "

Tempered into a steel rocket used to interpret captain Chuck Hayes is probably the most appropriate word. 1.98 meters tall power forward or center as undoubtedly a huge challenge, may God is fair, Inf, air jordan outlet store through their own efforts, the sea god turn out rebounding skills, become rare defensive rocket pioneer. Hayes is now becoming a hero when the majority of Chinese fans in mind, he made a wise choice - hand Jordan sports. Hayes and Jordan sports for timely introduction of new boots. They will become the new season of the NBA campaign Hayes's right hand man.

Jordan sports designer, said, "Hayes and Hayes new boots design is very similar style of play, air jordan shop online simple and stable. Seamless upper intricate process, while the upper triangle composed of two groups called the highlight of this section boots triangular giving a sharp sense of the brave. The four triangular mesh hollow between two relatively combined into a solid matrix, exudes a powerful force, meaning upper design to pass the name suggests, the offensive and defensive combination of speed and power also Hayes basketball out of the show is the most admirable spirit. "

Shoes, holes in the front section using a metal ring embedded design, the two holes at the top of the shoes are different front end, TPU ankle buckle design makes three-dimensional sense of strong, with the top hole behind the lattice shoes and sandals crash ankle hasp The combination, in terms of appearance or function have shown the wisdom of the designer air jordan online shop.

Jordan sports shoes in the end follow SOFT technology, the thickness of the bottom MD special secondary materials increased significantly compared with the previous shoes, MD cushioning material thickening effect will expand several times. The unique design is very suitable for heavier weight post player. When they are doing all they jump to grab the rebound, landing stability and cushioning shoes ankle knee protection is essential. Shoes cushioning performance has also directly determines the number of years they gallop stadium. The use of secondary MD material is completely competent. Although the shoes in the end is expected to rise by a lot, but because of MD material is very light weight, and no weight gain shoes.

Outsole design sophisticated technology, using proven traditional wave lines, shoes grip guaranteed. It is worth mentioning that large, small water ripples were placed in different positions outsole lateral forefoot large area of ​​small water ripples, ensuring grip also can effectively prevent the excessive force back foot eversion ʱ?? After using the palm flood ripple, excellent stability shoes can be fully reflected. Shoes forefoot with three rampant easily bent so that the wearer can easily bend when running effectively save energy.

Frosted TPU outsole arch anti-twist system at, for the shoes to avoid the occurrence of excessive variations escort. Frosted TPU outsole almost flush, which is not common in other basketball shoes. Because the average TPU material when in contact with the ground due to the more rigid, it is prone to sliding phenomenon caused unnecessary injuries wearer. But this section of shoes TPU playing surface matte surface cheap air jordan outlet. Not only for shoes bring a little bit of mystery, the most important thing is the shoes because it's there and will not appear sliding phenomenon.

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