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We also remember that shouting "I am a genius,"wholesale air jordans free shipping paypal the red-haired boy Yingmuhuadao it? As a collective memory of a generation, "Slam Dunk" and fans meet again, but this time in the shoes.

"Slam Dunk" author Takehiko Inoue October 16 revealed that the American sports brand AirJordan to launch commemorative edition sneakers wholesale jordans from china. Year in anime, Yingmuhuadao took only 30 yen to the shoe store manager there, "robbery" worth 20,000 yen a pair of AirJordan6, and this is why many Chinese 80, 90 fans precious childhood.

Wood shavings road accompanied Haruko Akagi, cheap 30 yen from the manager there wholesale jordans from china free shipping, "robbery" of double worth 20,000 yen in AirJordan6.

It's not the shoes, youth

Takehiko Inoue is the 16th in their own social network news release, he said his work "Slam Dunk" in cooperation with the AirJordan, wholesale jordans from china paypal launched the "10" commemorative edition sneakers (Yingmuhuadao in the North of the 10th). Inoue Takehiko on Twitter wrote: "finally came, very excited to see this shoe came reality Thank you Michael Jordan, this is the love of the game.."

Moreover, Takehiko Inoue also labeled with a red AirJordan6 behalf of the shoes photos, embroidered "10" and Yingmuhuadao image on shoes wholesale jordans paypal. On the other side, AirJordan company is also with the launch of some new shoes Trailer video, officially unveiled the mystery of Jordan and Takehiko Inoue cooperation. Trailer, in the dark looming AirJordan6 shoes flashing, interspersed with "Slam Dunk" screen.

After watching the trailer, those who chase the "Slam Dunk" netizens exclaimed: "This is part of the world" Slam Dunk remember the comic "This is not just a reward for fans of shoes, is youth.." in Yingmuhuadao accompanied Haruko Akagi, cheap 30 yen from the manager there, "robbery" the double value of 20,000 yen in AirJordan6 wholesale air jordan shoes. The users are also quips:. "I also can hold 30 yen (about 1.7 yuan) to buy the shoes of the"


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