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Different Types of Stickers Based on Material

by Stacey

Any printed material from paper to glass, metal or vinyl sheet is known as a sticker. Stickers are used for various applications like decorations, passing a message, expressing your feelings, etc. There are different types of stickers based on their material that vary in durability, price, and aesthetics.

All the types are specific for a particular situation and place as others might not fit well there. For example, you can place TPU transparent stickers outdoors rather than paper stickers because they are water resistant.

So, here we bring the common types of sonic stickers that you can easily get from the market!

Paper Stickers

These are the most common stickers made from paper. The paper stickers are cheap than any other stickers. These stickers are water and sunlight sensitive as their quality and color fade away easily. You can also get a wide variety of paper stickers based on paper quality.

Vinyl Stickers

These stickers are made of PVC. These stickers come in bright colors and are resistant to water and UV light. Vinyl stickers are very easy to clean and are more expensive than paper stickers.

Polypropylene Stickers

Polypropylene is a synthetic resin that is used in the manufacturing of a variety of products, including containers, bottles and caps, automotive parts, and electronic components. This resin is also used to make stickers that are water and UV rays resistant and much more durable than vinyl. You can buy the role of polypropylene stickers from the market and cut them into separate stickers.

Satin Stickers

These stickers are also made from a thin PVC layer but with the lamination of satin paper. Satin stickers are used for making high-quality stickers for business cards, labels, and other promotional materials but they are more expensive than vinyl and polypropylene stickers.

Holographic Stickers

These stickers are made of plastic/paper that has an iridescent-like effect. Because of this special effect, the stickers show different colors when seen from a different angle. These stickers are usually used for decoration or security purposes.

Glow-in-the-dark Stickers

These stickers are made with phosphorescent ink pervaded material (PET, vinyl). These stickers are popular for safety reasons where you can see the message even in low light and dark. These stickers are used on items that need to be visible in low light and also to decorate items.

Gold/Silver Foil Stickers

These stickers are made of a thin layer of gold/silver foil over a colored base. These stickers are usually expensive but are elegant and unique. These stickers can be used for promotions, decoration, and other applications.

Screen Stickers

These stickers are also commonly known as screen protectors. The screen protector is a protective film specially designed for mobile phones and tablet computers. You can effectually shield your electronic products from damage caused by friction, scratches, and other external factors, and extend their life.

Glass Stickers

These stickers are also made with a full-cover print on the front and a hard PVC sticker on the back. These stickers are usually used to cover the glass doors or windows in elegant and colorful ways. You can easily remove and replace these stickers without damaging the glass.

Other than these commonly used types, there is a lot more on the list. However, if you want any of these stickers or want to customize your stickers design, Alibaba will provide you with the best solution for your business.

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