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How To Set Up And Store Your Collection Of Sneakers?

by Stacey

Everything began when you acquired the 2016 Nike Air MAG, often known as the “white whale of shoes.” From the Future. You become a shoe collector after seeing this lovely leather and rubber foot holder. Now that you have 100 pairs of shoes, your closet is completely full. You must decide whether to display them or store them now. Correct storage will extend their life and protect your investment. However, displaying them would make you feel really proud and make your friends envious of you.

Priorities First

Examine your collection to identify which shoes you wear before deciding how to display or keep them (or want to wear). Separate them from the rest of your collection and store them there. Pulling pairs of shoes from your display can result in unsightly gaps in your presentation if you are showing off your shoes. You won’t wear them if you’re storing them since doing so would lower their worth.

Displaying Shoes: A Work Of Art

Count the number of shoes you wish to showcase against the amount you’ve opted to exhibit. Knowing this will make it easier for you to choose the kind of display unit you want to buy or build. Thankfully, there are several sneaker display case available nowadays that are made expressly for showing off sneakers. Let’s look at them now.

Store Of Shoes

Through the use of distinct shelves that are lighted to emphasise the sneakers, this is a terrific design that showcases the shoes beautifully. The drawback of this design is that you must store the other shoe from each pair as you are only exhibiting one of them.

Adaptable Storage

Some people may like the visual appearance that this Sole Stacks design generates. Because the design is modular and the shelves have fascinating angles, you can add more as your collection expands.

This sleek Ikea design, which can be enlarged as necessary and displays the pair of shoes broadside, is highly contemporary. Experts in sneaker organisation advise you to make an effort with your shoe display as well. Like colours and styles (high-tops and low-tops) may be combined, as can sports (basketball, running, etc.) To avoid making the shoes seem crowded, be sure to allow space between each pair or shoe.

How To Store Your Sneakers

You should keep your collection correctly if you’ve opted to do so. When we say “correctly,” we mean preserving them in an area that prevents exposure to UV rays that may weaken and damage the materials. Additionally, as exposure to air may result in rubber oxidation and yellowing, you should restrict their contact with it. (You could think about utilising Angelus Sole Brightener if you own any shoes with this issue.) The atmosphere should be cool with little humidity.

The simplest possible container for storage is the box they arrived in. Make careful to take off the paper that comes with the shoes before doing this. Because of this paper’s little acidity, your shoes could become yellow. Consider include acid-free tissue paper in your package if you still want to include paper. Utilizing specially made plastic shoe boxes is the next level of storage. These feature a drop-front aperture with ventilation holes and are sold by The Container Store in a line composed of polypropylene and polystyrene. Easy-open shoe boxes from Iris USA are furthermore available in tall and wide orientations.

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